How to Export GarageBand as Mp3 – Quick Easy Guide

When you record audio using the GarageBand, a mixture of audio, as well as virtual musical tools, is produced, with the digital program. And even though these files are saved in a folder holding all the details of your work, these files cannot be shared due to their incompressible file format, large and complex type.

An AIFF file holds space worth 10 MBs approximately, for every minute of audio, which is almost 10 times more than the size of an MP3 version of the same time duration.

Sending/Sharing a GarageBand file

A common query has appeared around the functioning of GarageBand. Most of the users come back with the inquiry: how to share the audio files with others? And this is because, to be able to play a shared track or podcast, a GarageBand file must be converted into an Mp3 extension.

Converting a GarageBand file into MP3

To change the file extension of a GarageBand file to MP3 format, you need to follow below steps:

Step 1: Save the podcast

Once you are done recording your podcast/audio, you must save the file. Go to the File menu, click and select the Save option. This will ensure that the audio file is saved and is eligible for further editing.

Step 2: Share the podcast

After saving the audio file, click on the Share button, and select the ‘Export Song to Disk’ option. On selecting this option, you will be able to edit the name, location, as well as select the file format. Choose the option to ‘Export GarageBand as Mp3’.

Step 3: Converting an audio file to MP3 

After all the settings have been done, select the ‘Export’ button.

Step 4: Storing and sharing the MP3 file

Once the conversion process has been done successfully, you can now easily save and share your newly converted mp3 file.

Using this step-by-step guide, you can convert your GarageBand audio files into an MP3 file easily. Moreover, these files can be converted into iPhone ringtones, by using the AnyTrans for the iOS option.

Troubleshooting GarageBand

It is necessary to understand that the GarageBand export function has certain glitches, irrespective of its format. The blank spaces, at the beginning and end of any audio file, are eliminated by default. Hence, the gaps must be added manually, if you need to burn multiple files in a single disc, later on.

Also, the application uses Cycle mode, and plays sections of audio files completely in one go, return to the first file and then playing again, until you click on the Play button to stop. If the same is active when you plan to export the file, GarageBand uses only the selected area during the cycle, repeating it for the exported file.

Moreover, to support the above guide, you can also refer to this tutorial.

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