10 Free Beat-Making Software for PC (Windows & Mac) 2024

We are living in an era that makes everything easily accessible, with the help of technology, and the same applies to the field of music as well. Now, creating music has nothing to do with record labels or in-studio recordings that made your pockets empty. The technological advancement has introduced a new term in the music industry, i.e., the bedroom producers. These professionals are music producers who get the work done from the confinements of their in-house studios. It involves the usage of several plugins, free beat making software, digital audio workstations, and more, that gets you an output, similar to that of a recording studio.  

Today, an increasing number of artists in the hip-hop genre are choosing these beat making apps over the record labels for their music. And the results are pretty good. These music-making software are the reason behind some of the most popular songs we hear nowadays. Therefore, through this article, we will be reviewing such 10 free beat making software for Windows and Mac.

1. Fruity Loops Studio

The first one up is a beat maker app that is compatible with Windows as well Mac OS X. FL Studio has developed into a creative beat maker that can make super cool EDM beat and some special polyrhythms, in no time. For beginner-level users, this is one of the best beat production apps that can help them learn beat making, and provide them with tools to understand how to create, edit, and mix tracks. To know more, below are some of its best features that you should look out for:

  • This free beat making software for Windows and Mac has an amazingly swift, expandable, and multi-touch enabled UI. 
  • FL Studio allows users to use third-party plugins with this beat maker, effortlessly. And that is, even after having a large variety of drum loops, synth, and several VST plugins of its own.
  • This app also has a keyboard controller and a real-time stretch tool that helps tweak pitches and work on tempo variations.

Overall, this app works well for amateurs as well as professionals. So, if you like these features, go and download FL Studio from this link, and start creating the most chill beats ever.

2. Magix Music Maker 

One of the most downloaded beat-making apps goes by the name of Magix Music Maker. Yet another free beat making app Magix Music Maker is recognized for its multi-core assistance. Using this beat maker, you can easily create any kind of beats. Magix Music Maker is available in three subscription packs, i.e., free, premium, plus accounts. Below is a list of useful functions that make this app worth a try:

  • This app is mainly created for Windows-based PC to produce impressive sound effects, beats.
  • With unique features like Soundpool bundles, VeriVarb II, iZotope Ozone 8 Elements, etc., this app is a full package.
  • You can efficiently run this app on a PC with 521 MB worth graphics and a 2GB RAM card device.
  • It contains a variety of presets, effects, instruments, and more.

Also, with the music tutorial option for new users, the Magix Music Maker is just perfect for the beginner-level users. Overall, it is the best choice to make music on a PC. You can easily download this from here.

3. MuseScore

Here is a beat-maker app specifically designed for professional artists. MuseScore is a well-known app that is deemed to be the best free beat making software for Windows and Mac. This is one of the most simplistic beat making apps that allows the to-and-fro file transfer for programs such as MusicXML, MIDI, etc. With no setbacks, MuseScore offers a large range of sounds, instruments, external MIDI keyboard options, and so much more. So, go and get your MuseScore app immediately.

4. Ardour

Ardour is a freemium beat making software for Windows and Mac, which is considered a must-try software for aspiring music composers. This best maker app is developed to record, edit, and mix, your creations. Ardour allows input using external recording devices such as microphones, and change the settings later on. With a simplistic user-interface, this is one of the most reliable beat production apps.

You can download it by clicking on this link.

5. Hydrogen

Hydrogen is a super productive beat maker that works well with Windows as well as Mac. This beat making app comes equipped with various robust tools and abilities that assist you in creating new beats. As one of the most fun beat production apps, Hydrogen offers the choice to create as many music files as you require and then store them in any of the formats of your choice. This further explains that Hydrogen supports most of the file formats accessible, including WMV, MP3, etc.

Hydrogen is an amazing free beat making software for Windows and Mac, and hence a must-try. So, go ahead and experience quality music-making by downloading Hydrogen from here.

6. LMMS 

The next one is LMMS, an unusual digital studio that is compatible with a variety of operating systems. LMMS is an open-source, free beat-making software for Windows and Mac. The software, with a simplistic user-interface, has a lot to offer benefits:

  • LMMS has an easy-to-use functionality that helps produce high-quality beats.
  • With a variety of sample tracks to pick from, this beat maker lets you compose music in your style. 
  • It also has many presets that can be listened to, efficiently, and used in the music, later on. 

LMMS allows users to save the track composed in MMPZ or MMP formats. You can easily export these files using the WAV, or OGG format, later on. Click here to download the LMMS software. It is one of the better alternatives of GarageBand.

7. orDrumbox

orDrumbox is considered a good option for creating unique tracks. This is one of the beat-making apps that comes packed with some advanced-level tools. orDrumbox has a user-friendly and straightforward UI that offers smooth execution. To understand properly, below are some of its advantages:

  • orDrumbox works fine with a lot of operating systems including, Windows, macOS, Linux OS, etc. 
  • This beat maker is perfect for editing, mixing, and then saving the final tracks.
  • An interesting feature of orDrumbox is that it lets you upload your tracks on the orDrumbox website so that others can see it, and rate the tracks. 

With these marvelous features, orDrumbox is gaining popularity among aspiring artists. So, if you are also one of them, just go and download the software.

8. Garageband 

Initially designed for Mac users, GarageBand is an amazing digital studio that is not available for Windows 10 users as well. GarageBand is considered well-equipped software that allows aspiring as well as professional artists to create music virtually. The software has several sample instruments such as guitar, keyboard, etc. that help users to compose tracks. This is one of the few beat production apps that allow users to save work and listen to it later. These files can be saved in various formats.

GarageBand has been behind some of the most popular and award-winning tracks in the music industry. To learn more about this, download GarageBand now. 

9. HammerHead Rhythm Station

HammerHead is one of the top-class beat production apps that offer exceptional support in creating tracks. Although this comprehensive software is only compatible with Windows, it has a lot of remarkable features. HammerHead is considered as best for amateurs and aspiring artists. It comes with a detailed guide that can be used to understand HammerHead and create exciting beats and tracks. 

You can download this software from here

10. Drum Flow

Last in the list is yet another amazing free beat-maker. Drum Flow’s assistance in producing new beats and music, online, is admirable. The beat feature of Drum Flow is that it has a complete library loaded with sample tracks that can be accessed to create new tracks. With an uncomplicated user-interface, this software is considered best for beginner-level users. Using this software, they can instantly start creating music, without any complications. Also, Drum Flow has a fast processing speed. Therefore, you get to create tracks within minutes and save the file in a format of your choice.  

If you wish to learn more about this software, go and download it now.

The end note

To conclude this, the above-mentioned apps are considered to be the best 10 beat production apps accessible online. Using these efficient free beat making software, you can create some super cool beats and melodies effortlessly. What is most beneficial is that some of these beat makers offer instrumental samples to help you learn the beats better. So, what are you thinking? Go get yourself one, or more, of these apps to start working on your musical aspirations, for the greater good.

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