The face behind GBonPC!

Hello Everyone,

I’m Joline Wolfgram, a music freak and a wanna be music creator. I’m a self proclaimed expert in producing music using GarageBand and other mixing apps.

I have been recording music since last 8 years and I have been using GarageBand for last 4 years.

There are few reason that I decided to create this dedicated blog on GarageBand.

First is, My love for GarageBand, ever since I started using it, It made me a different music creator. GarageBand is extremely user friendly and has all the functionalities you can think of.

Second is, I’m bombarded with a plethora of questions regarding GarageBand by my friends, colleagues and my fellow music creators.

So, I decided, I’m gonna put everything online.

I have also created a basic FAQ questions for newbies. You can move over to Blog Section which I try to update regularly.

If you have any query regarding garageband. please Contact US.