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From beginner-level users to experts, any GarageBand user with a query can find out what they are looking for, here. Below is a compilation of such Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help you with your GarageBand problems:

FAQ 1 – Which of the most recent Guitar Amps has been added in the latest version of GarageBand?

Ans – Seven new Guitar amps have been added to the GarageBand 11. These include the Stadium Stack Amp, British Blues Combo Amp, Large Tweed Amp, Brownface Combo Amp, Studio Combo Amp, Octane Stack Amp, and Sunshine Stack Amp.

FAQ 2 – How do I make the GarageBand for my iPad to play the whole sections of a song, rather than playing just one section repeatedly?

Ans – Hit the “+” icon on the top-left corner of the timeline. Then, in the Pop-up menu, tap on All Sections. This way, you can play the entire section of a song, with just a tap.

FAQ 3 – Which is the most recent version of GarageBand?

Ans – Since a lot of GarageBand’s versions have been referred by different names, while others by number, it is difficult for people to put them in the right order. However, the latest version of the GarageBand series is under a numeric title, i.e., GarageBand 10.3.4, released in December’19. To install the new version, you need to uninstall the GarageBand.

FAQ 4 -Where can I find the Magic GarageBand and Podcasting tools in GarageBand 10?

Ans – GarageBand 10 is considered as a complex version of Logic Lite X or Logic Pro X app. Hence, neither Magic GarageBand nor Podcasting is available in this version. However, installing GarageBand 10 does not require removing GarageBand 6, and can be moved to another folder in the Applications folder. Hence, even though, you cannot use these tools in GarageBand 10, you can still use them in the previous version. We have also written an article about the best GarageBand Plugins you can use, give it a read.

FAQ 5 – Can I use a multiple time signature option in a GarageBand project?

Ans – The time signature option in a project restricts the loops being displayed in the loop browser to the meter the same as that for the project. And even though the grid and score may have an odd view, but the time signature doesn’t limit whatever you record on its own. Making any changes in the time signature will not change the way GarageBand plays back the music and is only helpful while composing or printing a score.

FAQ 6 – How to record voice using GarageBand’s in-built microphone?

Ans – Firstly, it is essential to see the location of the in-built microphone on your Mac, as it varies from model-to-model. Once the same has been found, open a New Project in the app, and hit option + ⌘ + N, open the new track box, and select the Real Instrument option. Once the new track has been created, go to the track info pane, look for a clickable drop-down menu, Monitor. Click on the menu and select the ON option. Now, the in-built microphone is ready for you to start recording. 

FAQ 7 – Is an alternative for GarageBand available for Android devices?

Ans – Since the Android smartphones are not as advanced as the iOS devices, apps like GarageBand cannot run on these devices. Android smartphones do not have the capabilities of multi-tasking, as is with iPhones. Although you can try and check if your device supports the mobile version of FL Studio, another virtual studio app, it is not going to work like GarageBand.

FAQ 8 – Is it possible to go back to a lower version, once upgraded to GarageBand version 10?

Ans – Yes, it is possible. There is nothing to be done to continue using GarageBand ’11 (an older version). When you upgrade to GarageBand 10, the system moves the previous version (GarageBand ’11) to a folder within the applications folder. Hence, you only need to look in your Applications folder for a folder named GarageBand 6.0.5 and launch it. So, you have the option of switching between two versions of GarageBand and use their features, as and when you want.

FAQ 9 – How to add third party loops in the Loop Browser in GarageBand?

Ans – Start by dragging your loop files (Apple Formatted Loops) from the required location, over to the GarageBand Loop Browser, and drop them on the screen. GarageBand will automatically index them and make the files available via the loop browser.

If you any question that you would like to ask and include in the FAQ section, please share it in the comment section.

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  1. i am self teaching myself to use garage band to record voices for a puppet show.
    i used the deeper voice choice when recording one of the characters.
    when i copy and pasted to connect all the music and voices, the deeper voice to not copy over, only my own voice.
    any suggestions?


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