Recording with GarageBand

Why record with  GarageBand?: If you’re looking to make new music without having to work with a lot of complicated features and hassle, you have come to the right place. Whether it is a full blown sound track or just a little rhythm you’re working with on the road, with GarageBand you can put together … Read more

How to Use GarageBand on iPhone

For all iPhone owners and first-time GarageBand users, some beforehand knowledge is a must. Apple Inc. provides GarageBand as a pre-installed app in all its iOS devices. For those who have just started understanding the features of their iPhone, skipping to GarageBand can be challenging. With a huge selection of features and tools, GarageBand basics … Read more

FAQs on GarageBand

From beginner-level users to experts, any GarageBand user with a query can find out what they are looking for, here. Below is a compilation of such Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help you with your GB problems: FAQ 1– Which of the most recent Guitar Amps has been added in the latest version of GarageBand? Ans– Seven new … Read more

A Complete Guide to Remove GarageBand on Mac

One of the most popular applications amid music lovers, Garageband is a comprehensive application for creating music. However, an increasing number of iOS and macOS users have uninstalled the digital audio workstation for several reasons, not having any use for it being the top most. So here is a guide to help you understand why … Read more